Dulann set to expand its operations

Without a doubt, this is a challenging time for the SME sector. But for Dulann, one of the resident companies located at Wexford Enterprise Centre, it is taking the opportunity to invest and grow its business.

Dulann is a Digital Transformation Company, though perhaps to the wider public, it is known more for its e-learning services, which only accounts for approximately 5-10% of their overall business.

Dulann specialises in applying technology to existing paperwork type systems to help companies to increase their compliance and efficiency. ‘Compliance is very much paperwork driven, so by deploying advances in technology, Dulann helps it’s clients to become far more efficient and cost effective. With the increased number of employees working remotely, conducting business by digital methods is more critical than ever’. Danone, Glanbia, Virgin Media and Zurich Insurance are just a few of their clients.

CEO Damian Donlon established Dulann in 2010, in the middle of the last recession. Now 10 years in operation, it employs 26 people throughout its network of offices all over Ireland and is currently looking to expanding its workforce. ‘Having started during the last recession helped us to adapt quickly to the current economic impact from the Covid-19 fall-out. The fact that we went through the last recession played a big part in how we are currently handling this one.’

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