Wexford Enterprise Centre prepares to ease restrictions on access 

June 29, 2020
Ahead of the easing of Government restrictions, Wexford Enterprise Centre is implementing new guidelines for tenant companies, their guests and the general public wishing to enter the premises. From Monday, 29 June, public access to the Centre will resume for the first time since March 23. Entrance to Wexford Enterprise Centre is restricted to the main reception area only, where anyone can gain access to the Centre once they sanitise their hands and undergo a non-invasive temperature check before entering. These health and safety protocols were introduced on March 12 as part of Stage 2 of WEC’s 5-STEP Business Continuity Plan.

In addition to the continued hygiene and temperature practices, a movement-flow system within the 60,000 square feet building, as well the instillation of mirrors at key corridor junction points have been installed to assist in social distancing measures. The Centre Point Café and various meeting rooms will reopen to the general public on Thursday, 9 July 2020 under health and wellbeing guidelines.

The potential adverse impact of the COVID-19 outbreak to businesses located at WEC was flagged in advance of the government restrictions and procedures and information were promptly distributed. Increased hygiene practices, guidelines and facemasks were issued to tenant companies on March 2 as the first step of a 5-STEP proactive COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan which anticipated the escalation of the spread of the virus and the subsequent restrictions that would be implemented in order to contain the rate of infection. This proactive plan addressed and minimised the potential impact the restrictions would place on WEC tenant companies and their staff, which totals over 150.

Though government restrictions are easing, the primary focus of WEC is the continued effort in keeping the Centre free from contamination and maintain a hygienic healthy and safe working environment for each staff member of each company working here. I am proud to say Wexford Enterprise Centre has remained open for each and every working day of the crisis, and we have succeeded in providing a safe, hygienic and monitored environment from which to work.  This has only been possible with the full support and partnership of our tenant companies, and we thank each of them sincerely for their diligent efforts in this regard.“  – Brendan Ennis, CEO Wexford Enterprise Centre