Wexford Enterprise Centre responds to the Government’s move to Level 3 of the Living with COVID-19 Plan and reinstates Stage 3 of its own Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan

To comply with the latest Government decision to move all Counties to Level 3, Wexford Enterprise Centre will introduce the following restriction to the operations of the Centre:

From Wednesday, 7 October, only Tenants and their staff will be allowed entry to the Centre, Monday to Friday and then only between the hours of 8am to 5.30 pm. Occupation of the Centre outside of these hours including weekends, will not be possible, without consultation with the Centre management.

All entry and exit doors including the Main Reception Door will be locked at all times. Access to the building will only be available with key access through the Front Reception Door which will remain as the only entry point to the building. Any person unlocking this door at any time must re-lock it after them. Each Tenant is responsible for getting their staff in and out of the building. Exiting the Centre remains through the McConnell Door and must never be left in an open position.

In addition, deliveries of services or goods in the normal manner will no longer be possible and outgoing post will no longer be accepted from Tenants at reception. Meeting rooms will no longer be available, and the Smoking Shelter will be closed.

All Tenants and their staff are reminded to continue to observe personal health and safety procedures including non-invasive temperature checks, hand-sanitising, wearing of a facemasks and social distancing.

The Centre Point Café will offer a Takeaway Service (only) to Tenant Companies with a limited menu. The Café will operate from 8.30am, Monday to Friday, and will close its doors strictly at 2pm each day. If required, orders can be booked in advance at anna@ovendoorcatering.ie or 053 9144055.

Please be assured, our entire focus is on reducing in so far as possible the risk of you and your staff contracting the Virus while operating from the Centre and the continuation and success of your business. Our combined efforts since March has keep this Centre free from contamination and we sincerely thank you and your staff for your cooperation. We could not have achieved this without you. We are committed to doing everything within our control to ensure Wexford Enterprise Centre remains open to our tenant companies and their staff.” – Brendan Ennis, CEO Wexford Enterprise Centre