Interactive Screen Wexford Enterprise Centre

Wexford Enterprise moves to Stage 3 of the Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan

March 23, 2020

Following the substantial increase in the rate of infection within the general public, Wexford Enterprise Centre has decided to move to Stage 3 of the Business Continuity Plan effectively immediately.

Going forward, it will be necessary to restrict entry into Wexford Enterprise Centre to tenants and their staff only. As all entry and exit doors, including shutter doors, must now be locked at all times. Each tenant will be responsible for getting their staff in and out of the building. Anyone unlocking the main reception door, which continues to be the only point of entry, must ensure that it is locked again after them. In addition, anyone excepting a delivery, must make arrangements to meet the delivery agent outside of the building, as they will not be allowed to enter.

These are unprecedented, uncertain and in many ways, frightening times. Wexford Enterprise Centre will continue to do everything possible to support you, your business and your staff.” – Brendan Ennis, CEO Wexford Enterprise Centre