Wexford Enterprise Centre revises guidelines for operations under Government’s move to Level 3 of Covid restrictions

Following the recent downgrading to level 3 of the “Government Plan for living with Covid-19”, Wexford Enterprise Centre reaffirms its commitment to ensure that all those working within the building do so under the highest health and safety measures so that the Centre can continue to be accessible.

Effective Tuesday, 1 December tenants are invited to bring guests into the Centre if necessary, but the main entry door will remain by key-access only. We are delighted to announce that the Centre Point Cafe will open on Friday, 4 December from 8.30am to 12pm each day with seating for tenants and their guests. In addition, the meeting rooms will be available to tenant companies on a restricted basis of 2 people in the upper meeting room, 4 people in the Innovation Room, and 7 people in the Conference room. The Smoking Shelter will remain closed.

Looking forward, it is our intention to reopen the Centre Point Cafe and resume full service to the general public from Wednesday, 6 January 2021, subject to government restrictions. Social distancing, mandatory wearing of facemasks, hand sanitizing, and temperature access control procedures will be observed.

The increased health and safety measures re-introduced in early October are working well thanks to the diligent efforts by the resident tenants. Observing the latest safety and operational upgrades continues to build on the combined efforts to make sure that Wexford Enterprise Centre remains Covid-free.” – Brendan Ennis